Recommendation for Parents

  • To know your child’s achievements and progress over a period of time kindly attend the Parent Teacher meeting (Open day for parents).
  • Please send your children smartly dressed to school. many are the cases when the clothing of the children are checked and are found to be dirty special stockings, vests, etc. your should be one among them.
  • Please see that the children have their daily bath, every part of their body is clean and the hair combed well.
  • If a child is helped to groom himself/herself meticulously everyday it creates in him/her a sense of well-being and confidence that goes a long way to focus on his/her task daily ushering is success and joy.
  • Please see that your children are in complete and correct uniform and reach the school well on time.
  • Once the child comes to the School, he/she will not be allowed to leave the School before the School gets over Hence requests for half day leave, short leave, etc. may please be avoided.
  • As your child advances in age guide him/her to becomes a resourceful member of home and country. Children should be taught to keep their room tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes, carry their own bags etc. the formation of such habits early in life inculcates in them the idea of the dignity of work which is necessary for successful career in life. Regular and progressive interactions with the growing-up child are part of guidance/ accompaniment, essential for all round development and growth.
  • Parents are requested to examine the Terminal report carefully and see that their children make special effort to study those subjects in which they are weak.
  • All fees and dues for term must be cleared in full before the beginning of the examination if not the pupil will not be allowed to sit for the examination nor their report be given.
  • Parents and guardians are not allowed to visit their children or interview teachers during. school hours without the permission of the principal.
  • Before withdrawing a student from the school a month’s notice is to be given or a month’s fee in lieu of notice.


The parents are requested to notify the school of any change of address or telephone number with in a week of the change.