Message From Principal's Desk

Holy Cross School, Nichitpur

“Education is a shared commitment among motivated students, dedicated teachers and enthusiastic parents with high expectation”

……… Bob Beauprez

A warm welcome to the New Academic session 2022-23, which has begun with great challenge after the pandemic “COVID-19”. This unparalleled crisis due to pandemic has interrupted most of our task and daily activities. It was an uncertain period for all the stakeholders.

Sr. Irene Tiru

Our activities are born out of our thoughts, our thoughts are the outcome of our values, and values come from our own belief system. It is up to us how we handle it. If we belief our life is miserable, we attract misery, if we belief life is beautiful, we attract happiness and success. We reap what we sow; this is one of the strong features, which would impact on our children.

In order to influence change in the world positively, there is a great urgency to have strong connection between the Parents–Teachers, because a teacher always inspires our children to achieve the moral values and academic success, parents too inspire the child to implement that success. This strong and active bond of chain remains tightened from all edges to strengthen the series. So let us walk hand in hand in our endevour to become a successful person.

I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in our children’s success and hence, eagerly looking forward to your valuable cooperation.

Sr. Irene Tiru