Welcome to Holy Cross School, Nichitpur

Smart class

The school has digital class rooms with digital equipment for the teaching – learning resources to make the class room activities interesting for the students.

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Computer Lab

The school has a spacious computer Laboratories well equipped with the latest facilities to enable the students to have access to the latest information technology.

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The school has a spacious Library with more than ten thousand books. All the students of the school are encouraged to make use of this facility to enhance their knowledge. The Library has many periodical subscription and other newspaper subscriptions.

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CCTV surveillance

The school has installed CCTV Surveillance system in the entire campus. All the class rooms and space used by the students are covered by this to ensure safety of the students and better monitoring of all the activities within the school campus.

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Physics lab: The school has a full-fledged Physics Laboratory with all the equipment and instruments to bring clarity and understanding of the subject matter taught in the class.

Chemistry Lab: The Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with many sample books and charts

Biology Lab: The Biology Laboratory is well equipped with a lot of specimen and some rare specimen meticulously maintained and made available to the students for their learning.

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Games And Sports

The school provides various games and sufficient sports activities to the students to develop their physical and mental health. We have two big playgrounds for the students. Students are interested in basketball Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volley ball and football etc. There is inter school competition between different house and other school also.

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